11 Cheap Decorative Pillows Under / Around $5

Finding cheap decorative pillows under $5 is really hard. Some are below $5, but if you include shipping and other costs, it ends up being almost $10 per pillow. You can buy in bulk or a set piece from the same brand and get free shipping though!

You can’t expect luxury quality nor fast delivery, but if you have time and don’t care much for design, here’s a list.

Cheap Decorative Pillows Between $5 – $10

Is The Material For Decorative Pillows Under $5 Any Good?

You are mostly going to get what you pay for. While the material is not necessarily terrible, you are getting the default / mass produced material for pillows.

Polyester, velvet (if lucky), and faux fur(if on sale).

Don’t fall for some scam or tricks. Certain material such as Mongolian fur, rabbit fur, cotton etc are not going to be under $5 unless it’s used.

How Long Does Shipping Usually Take?

Depending on the product, free shipping will take you around 3 weeks. If you buy in bulk and spend over $25, around 2 weeks. If you have Amazon Prime however, you can get them much faster and quicker.

Should You Buy Decorative Pillows Under $5?

You get what you pay for. If all you need are some decorative pillows to fill a room, or if you are very tight on a budget, there is nothing wrong with buying decorative pillows under $5. You can have the pillows last if you wash them correctly and take good care of them.

It just won’t feel that great on your skin or comfortable if you are looking to snuggle.

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