3 Cheap Ways to Accommodate House Guests | For Comfortable Sleep

If you have people over often who crash at your place or perhaps you accept couchsurfers and people who travel, there are better ways to make them feel welcomed and comfortable without going broke.

Folding Ottoman Sleeper Guest Bed

These don’t take much space and can be stowed away or be used as a furniture piece for a lot of occasions. Depending on the model, you can get a folding ottoman bed for around $100. For the value provided, it is a good deal and provides much-needed comfort for your guests.

Some models can actually replace a few furniture pieces such as a reading chair or a couch.

Since these don’t take up much space, it’s perfect for small studio apartments or places without much space.

Comfortable Sleeping Bags

Sleepings bags are even a cheaper alternative. They cost around $30, easy to set up and incredibly portable, however, on a hardwood floor, it might a little tough on the back since they don’t offer much cushion and support.

However, if you add a few extra blankets on top of the sleeping bags, it’s a lot more comfortable, but you will need some extra spare blankets and comforters.

Foldable Couches That Turn Into Beds

If you already have a couch, then you can offer it for any guests to crash on, but most often couches are short and not long enough, so if you have not bought a living room sofa yet, consider the length and whether they are foldable.

New sofa designs have made it incredibly easy to house guests. They can be folded in less than a minute and viola you’ve got yourself a sleeper bed.

Common Questions

Do Guests Care About Comfort

For experienced travelers and people who are used to being on the road, they are used to different levels of comfort, so it is to be expected of them to be okay with almost all kinds of accommodation as long as it’s free and coming from a generous heart. When travelers are paying guests, then it’s a completely different story.

Older people and individuals with disabilities definitely need a quieter and comfortable environment.

Is It Weird To Sleep on The Same Bed as Guests?

Different cultures have different expectations. So consider the cultural norms of the guest, but don’t assume anything, so it’s always better to ask about their cultural norms.

For family and friends, if you are very close, it can be more acceptable. So if you don’t have any extra beds or place to crash for your guest, sharing a bed is possible, but there’s a lot of grey area to consider.

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