What is a Split King Bed

If you are ready to invest in your bedroom by improving your sleeping space, you probably have heard the term split king bed. We are here to answer what is a split king bed and explain all the basics. That way, you can decide whether this option is right for you and should you consider it. 

A king split bed is a king mattress divided in the middle. In particular, a king split bed consists of 2 XL mattresses, both of them sized 38 x 80 inches. When pushed together, these mattresses form a split king bed, which is 76 x 80 inches. 

Read on to find out all about split king beds and what makes them a constant choice among couples. 

What is a Split King Bed

What are the Pros of Split King Beds?

When you and your partner have different sleeping necessities, a king split bed may be just what you are looking for. Because the two XL mattresses are split, they can have specific levels of firmness; in other words, one can be softer than the other.

If you like having perfect sleeping conditions and still sharing the bed, a split king bed can be a great pick. 

A top option for couples with different sleeping needs

As we noted earlier, split king beds are a superb option for couples with different sleeping requirements. Not everyone can sleep on the same type of mattress, and that’s completely normal because we all have differently built bodies and individual needs when it comes to rest. 

When you and your partner enjoy different firmness levels when it comes to sleeping mattresses, you should probably try yourself with a split king bed. 

What is a split king bed if not an opportunity for both of you to have a solid and restful sleep, wake up refreshed, without discomfort, and still enjoy each other’s presence during the night? 

However, split king beds may not be the best selection for people who move too much in their sleep. Because of the division, they might become uncomfortable.

Easier to move around then other beds

Another pro of the split king beds is that they are far more easily moved around than classic king beds. Therefore, whenever you decide to redecorate or change the setting of your room, you won’t have problems with a split king bed. 

A split king bed base

Finally, split king beds allow you to add an adjustable split king bed base. This base will let both mattresses be elevated, independent of each other. 

If you prefer to sleep on a tighter and solid, more raised mattress, your new split king bed base, in combo with your favored mattress, can grant you that wish. 

How to Pick the Finest Split King Bed?

If you are determined that a split king bed is what you surely need in your bedroom, now that you know what is a split king bed, it’s time to give you some tips on finding the perfect one. 

After reading this section, if you aren’t sure whether a split king bed is for you, you can always do a sleep trial. Many companies will offer you to sleep on their mattresses for 100 nights, and based on your sleeping experience, decide whether you want to purchase it. 

Talk to your partner

Both you and your partner must decide that you agree to buy a split king bed. By talking to your partner, you will discover your unique sleeping needs and together resolve if a split king bed is good for you. 

With a split king bed, you can individually pick the firmness of each side of the bed and delight in your side of the bed without worrying that it might not work for your partner. 

Therefore, when picking the finest split king bed, be aware of your separate needs and resolve what’s the finest pick. 

Consider the price

Split king beds can be less affordable for some people because they cost a few hundred dollars more than standard king-size beds. They are a bigger investment; you might spend additional costs on an adjustable split king bed base and separate sheets and covers. 

You and your partner will decide whether you have to budget for a split king bed and are ready to spend some more for nights of guaranteed good sleep. 

Know the size of the room

Split king beds are a fantastic option for smaller bedrooms. As we mentioned earlier, they are easier to move around, and you will always have the chance to rearrange the room. 

Otherwise, split king bed mattresses, when pushed together, are the same size as king beds. But, an unmovable king-sized bed mattress is less fitting for a smaller bedroom space which you may want to readjust in the future. 

Look at your sleeping positions

Again, when you and your partner have entirely different sleeping positions and your bodies are diversely built, a split king bed is a foremost option. 

However, before choosing the finest split king to be, you must look at each other’s sleeping positions. Remember that lightweight side sleepers need soft mattresses to feel cozy, while hard-weight side sleepers may need a firmer sleeping platform. 

Every sleeping position puts pressure on distinct points on your body, so when you are ready to purchase, you must be cognizant of your usual sleeping positions. 


We hope that we have given you the most direct answer and that you have learned what is a king split bed. Now that you know, many of your doubts may be resolved, and you may finally decide whether a split king bed is a right investment for your home. 

Of course, a designer or other interior professional can always help you and advise you on whether a split king bed is a good match for your bedroom space. 

Nevertheless, if you and your partner have different sleeping needs, it’s best to adjust your room to them. Because investing in a split king bed is investing in your health.

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