What is a Lift Chair

The lift chair was initially invented in the 1920s. At this time, Edward Knaubucsh and Edwin Shoemaker started working on their patented design. Their recliner was later known as the “La-Z-Boy.”

The chair was created to meet the older clients’ needs and demands. Since as they got older, they had mobility issues, the lift chair was their ideal solution. By the 1990s, the design was improved thanks to advanced technology.

Nowadays, this design is very popular in the healthcare sector. Doctors and therapists recommend it for many cases. Therefore, what is a lift chair, is a regularly asked question, especially among elderly users.

If you are also curious about this specific type of chair, continue to read our article and learn everything about it, from how to use it and how it may help you. So, let’s get started!

What is a Lift Chair

What Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is considered to be a piece of medical equipment. At first sight, it may resemble a classic, comfortable reclining chair. However, its powerful lifting system distinguishes the lift chair from the other designs. 

The system’s main purpose is to move the lift chair’s back and seat forward. As a user, you can activate the installed system by using a controlling remote. So, now that you know what a lift chair is, continue to learn how to use it.

How Can You Use a Lift Chair?

Thanks to advanced technology, today’s lift chairs are modern and straightforward. Moreover, the lifting system can operate for 20 years. Additionally, many new and improved designs include heat and massage options.

Before you use the lift chair, firstly plug it directly into the wall. Most lift chairs also come with battery backups, so you don’t have to worry about the system running out.

Next, check the remote control buttons. There are usually two of them, one for lowering and one for raising the parts. Some lift chair types have additional buttons to separately operate the parts. Choose the best car service in town and experience the luxury of https://classylaxcarservice.com. However, to raise the chair, you first must close the leg and raise the backrest.

To easily operate the remote, always fully press the wanted button. You can easily use only one of your hands to manage it. Also, these chairs are known to move slowly. This is precisely what makes them super safe and comfortable to use

Advantages of Using a Lift Chair

If you are facing certain mobility issues, your doctor or physician may recommend a lift chair. This type of chair may improve your overall body posture. Also, it may reduce the risk of chronic disease.

A lift chair might also help you reduce your edema. It may help you change the position of your legs a lot easier. Additionally, it may help you raise them above the heart position. Besides, in this case, it may help you lift yourself so that you can easily move around.

In addition, it may be helpful if you are suffering from hip or knee arthritis. It may also reduce pressure ulcers which are known as “bedsores.” This condition may limit your ability to change position, so that’s why you may find a lift chair to be helpful in this situation.

As previously mentioned, some advanced lift chairs offer massage and heat options. Therefore, its usage may help you to relax your muscles; also, it may improve your circulation. Besides, it might help you reduce your back pain.

Lastly, a lift chair might be an excellent choice to help you maintain your independence. Therefore, this may also lead to reducing possible anxiety and depression.

Disadvantages of Using a Lift Chair

The lift chair comes with many possible therapeutic benefits. However, as with any other medical equipment, it has its downsides. One major downside revolves around its installed system.

Its lifting mechanism won’t work if there is no electricity at home. In addition, if you don’t have any additional power source like batteries, you won’t be able to use the lift chair. Besides, the batteries for lift chairs may go up to $100. So, this additional cost may be a bit more expensive. 

Moreover, there is a space under the base of the chair. It’s large enough, so there is a risk of children and pets getting trapped underneath it. This may happen when the lift chair is set in a lower mode.

As a user, there is a risk of you getting trapped too. Better said, your legs may get stuck between the leg rest and the seat cushion. On the other hand, the pillows might also fall or get trapped in the chair.

Different Types of Lift Chairs

Different Types of Lift Chairs

As we mentioned, advanced technology has significantly improved the design of the lift chair. Therefore, you can find three different types of lift chairs nowadays on the market. 

Before purchasing them, we recommend you do a little test. See which one suits your body the best. Furthermore, here is what they are called and what makes them unique:

  1. Infinite position lift chair – with one motor, you can control the leg and backrest independently, and the backrest can fully lean back.
  2. Two-position lift chair – with two motors, the backrest can only move backward to a certain angle; it’s considered less comfortable compared to the other models.
  3. Three-position lift chair – with three motors, the leg rest automatically extends if the backrest leans backward, you can’t control them separately.


Our body changes as we age so does our ability to move. That’s where advanced technology jumps in to give us a hand. It aims to simplify our lives by inventing and improving existing medical equipment.

One of the most popular is precisely the lift chair. It has a unique lifting system and remote control that you can easily manage. It’s great medical assistance that might help you if you face certain health issues like arthritis or edema. 

Moreover, we hope that we have provided you with enough information about what is a lift chair and its possible benefits. 

The information about the possible health advantages in this article may not apply to you. Everyone is different, and not all customers can experience the same benefits. Furthermore, before using any medical equipment, you must consult with your doctor or therapist first.

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