How to Position Throws on a Couch

Temperatures are dropping, and it is that time of year again when we feel the most comfortable tucked into a blanket with a cup of tea in our hands. However, if you are one of those people that don’t like clutter and a thrown blanket gives you a headache, we feel you. Let us explain how to position throws on a couch so that the room will feel chic. 

How to Position Throws on a Couch

How to Position Throws on a Couch

One guaranteed way of feeling cozy during cold days is throwing blankets. Regardless of what you are going for, whether a casual or more structured feel in your room, we are confident that you will like some of the ideas we present in our article. How should you place the throw on the couch exactly? You can try a couple of styling methods like:

  • The Folded Arm
  • The Waterfall
  • Back and Beyond
  • Basket Case
  • The Folded Seat

Throwing an extra blanket on the couch creates a better curling atmosphere and adds a more stylish vibe. A throw on the sofa can be a versatile choice, and it may be a little overwhelming with so many ideas. We’ve made the task of choosing easier by narrowing down the options. Therefore, you must style your room and understand how to position throws on a couch to achieve the most polished atmosphere.

The folded arm 

This method is perfect for you if you are looking for a tidy yet casual look. The folded arm is an easy-peasy styling method that, despite its warm look, allows you to use the blanket quickly. This method would also be a great option for people who have placed the sofa to face the room’s entrance. 


To achieve the folded arm, you simply have to fold the throw lengthwise in half twice. Next, fold the throw widthwise. Place the blanket over the arm of your couch and add a little bit of a decorative edge; if your couch has one, of course. Something to be careful about while trying to achieve this style is not letting the blanket extend below the bottom of the sofa. 

The waterfall 

To achieve the waterfall look, you simply need to fold your blanket lengthwise into thirds for the sides to have folded and clean edges. Drape your cover over the back of the couch, with one side at the front and back of the cushion and the other down onto the seat. 

If you like to take things to another level, you can place a pillow in the front and achieve a more chic look. However, this is not necessary. 


If you own a couch that is not stationed on the floor and has extended legs, you can extend your throw to the front of the cushion. Otherwise, if you have a sofa that is low on the ground and has a skirt, it is much better if the blanket stops at the seat. 

Throw style on a couch

Back and beyond 

In some rooms, the couch is placed so its back faces the room’s entrance. While some sofas are fun to look at from behind, some are just too big and look like a canvas waiting for a screen projector. 


For this style, you need to fold your blanket widthwise in half and place it on the center of the sofa. If the throw has a decorative edge, it should be down at the back and folded behind the cushions on the top. 

Also, you should allow the throw to hang down to the bottom of the couch. The additional blanket length at the back of the sofa makes this styling method different from any other and gives your room a more old-school vibe. 

Basket case 

The basket case is one of the most popular ways of decorating your couch with a throw. This option is the best for people with limited time and keeps a decorative basket next to the bed or sofa. 

For this look, you can simply toss the throw inside. The blanket will be bundled in the basket so you can pull the corners so they hang over the edge. If your couch is on the floor, you can pull the throw further and let the drapes touch the ground slightly. 


If you have a basket without a lid, the preferable way to attain this style is to let the corner of the blanket peek at the top. This will allow you to quickly grab the throw and snuggle up on a chilly day. 

If you own multiple throws and enjoy a more structured look, try to fold and stack a couple of them. You can roll them or stand them up tall. 

The folded seat 

This style requires a little effort from your side. You simply have to fold the throw and place it on the sea of the couch. Something else worth mentioning is that the folded seat is a styling method that works best for thinner throws. This is because when the blanket is folded, it does not sit too tall. 


To style, fold the blanket lengthwise into three parts. Afterward, fold the throw widthwise in half. The final fold should not be quite in half. 

However, you should not only fold the throw and leave it stranded in the middle of the sofa. What you should do instead is, make the blanket physically touch another element, whether that is a pillow or the arm of the couch. If you decide on this method, you have to look at the throw as a part of the vignette and not a single object. 

Matched Throw With the Pillows on Couch

How to Match the Throw With the Pillows on Your Couch

While searching for throw pillows that will be eligible for your blanket, you first need to ask yourself, do you like them to compliment or match the throw? 

If you like for the pillows to match the blanket, they have to be the same color or have the same pattern. Plus, they have to contrast the color of the couch. Selecting only one or two pillows would be ideal because you would not assault visitors’ eyes with too much of the same thing. 

On the other hand, to make the pillows complimentary, you need to use a different approach and be a little more playful with your creativity. Buy cushions with a different texture and merge them with a blanket. The possibilities for this process are endless. 


We can conclude that a simple throw carefully placed on the couch can break the monotony and make you fall in love with your space all over again. 

After our five suggestions, we are confident that you know how to position throws on a couch and add more uniqueness to your room. Some designs take a little less time than others, but all of them can be done easily. The choice is up to you.

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