How to Keep White Furniture Clean

The best thing about having all white in your home is to learn how to keep white furniture clean. You shouldn’t skip and withdraw from buying all white just because you don’t want your new sofa to get dirty. 

Now scroll down and check out a few tricks that you can do to keep your white furniture as clean as possible! 

How to Keep White Furniture Clean

How to Keep White Furniture Clean

When you get your white furniture, you should treat it with a fabric protector as soon as possible. Since they are made to deflect spills and other messes, this can make a significant difference. We suggest that this won’t completely shield it, but it does a good job of deterring minor spills and other mishaps. 

Even though you can find an interesting number of available options, we strongly believe that you should do some testing on a small fabric, whether it’s the insides of the pillow or something else. This will help you prevent any issues and catastrophes from happening. 

What to do with accidentally spilled wine? 

Your white sofa will eventually get stained, and you’ll be required to cope with it. Unintentionally spilling red wine on your couch can happen, and how quickly you act will affect the outcome. 

When something spills, blot the affected area with a cloth as soon as possible. Apply the paste to the stain using a different cloth, then wait a few minutes before wiping it away. Dab it after that. 

Additionally, an alternative method for removing fresh wine stains involves salt. To remove the wine stain off your sofa, sprinkle salt on the stain first. However, if there are any lingering grease or oil stains on the white sofa, cornstarch can also be used to remove them. You’ll have less chance of ruining your sofa if you respond quickly to the spill.

Don’t skip the regular cleaning 

Cleaning your white furniture regularly is suggested. You may still question why it would be necessary to clean your furniture if you have already done any preventive matters. The sofa may occasionally still have dust specks on it. 

Regular cleaning is required because you can never be certain that your sofa or carpet is completely clean. Using furniture cleaners and stain removers, you should clean your white furniture at least once every three weeks. Additionally, every two months, you should have your white furniture professionally cleaned. 

Remove stains immediately

Even though you are extra careful when it comes to your brand new white sofa, sometimes it may still happen to stain it accidentally. It’s okay and normal since it can happen to absolutely everyone. So keep reading to find out what to do in such cases.

Your sofa’s white color will be harder to remove and maintain the longer you wait to clean a stain. As an illustration, if your child spills a popsicle on the couch, you should wipe it up immediately, use a spot stain remover, and at the very least, wash that area of the couch. It will be very challenging to get rid of later if you let it sit.

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How to Keep White Furniture Clean

Use slipcovers 

Slipcovers are life savers, especially if you have a white couch and a lot of traffic in the room. They are easy to maintain, and after a few spills, you just toss them in the washer. This will allow your couch to remain clean without any permanent stains and damages. There are plenty of slipcovers that you can find, and we’ll recommend checking in IKEA

Set your boundaries 

This may be unexpected, but if you’re a mom with two boys, you should set some rules that everyone will respect. Of course, if you still want to have that beautiful white furniture without it turning gray. 

You should not change your design plans for your new home just because you have naughty kids. Teach them to respect and take care of things. We’re pretty sure they’ll start respecting more when they don’t get what they want in return. 

Use over-counter ingredients 

As for our last tip on how to keep white furniture clean, we recommend using ingredients that it’s very likely already part of your kitchen. For stains from coffee and wine, use a baking soda paste. A thin coating of paste made from a small quantity of baking soda and water can be used to remove these types of stains from a variety of fabrics.

Cover the stain completely with the paste. The paste should be removed from the fabric using a clean, damp microfiber cloth after waiting five minutes. Use a general cleaning technique to get rid of any remaining wine stain after the majority of it has been eliminated.

Additional alternatives 

White vinegar or vodka can be used to remove stubborn stains. Undiluted white vinegar or vodka can be used to target stains that remain after spot cleaning or general cleaning. Dampen a clean microfiber cloth with vinegar or vodka and blot the stain, as you would for spot cleaning. 

Avoid oversaturating the fabric. When vinegar and vodka are applied, their smells may be overpowering at first, but once they have dried, the smell should vanish.

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It’s not easy to always keep everything in order. Cooking, taking care of your family, working, and also cleaning. You can’t prevent a mess from happening, but you can learn how to keep white furniture clean quickly. 

Those steps that we previously told you about are not only easy, but they don’t require some complex procedures on how to clean your furniture. You don’t need a lot of money because baking soda and some vodka can be found in your home.

Make everyone jealous of your lifestyle altogether, and not even a couch stain will make you go crazy because you will already know how to properly deal with it!

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