How to Fix Matted Carpet

The carpet is a central part of the room and is one of the hallmarks of a tidy home. Nevertheless, the carpet can get damaged and lose its shape and beauty over time. The reason for this is the furniture, constant movement around the room, and various dirt and waste. 

Therefore, constant maintenance is of great importance to maintain the quality of the carpet and its durability. So, stay with us to find out how to fix matted carpets and restore them to new condition.

How to Fix Matted Carpet

How to Fix Matted Carpet

Carpet matting is a regular phenomenon that can hardly be avoided. Matting on the carpet appears due to many factors, such as placing furniture above the carpet, frequent traffic in the room, placing hard objects, and so on. 

If you are wondering how to fix matted carpet, keep in mind that a lot depends on the area of the carpet that is affected and the type of carpet you have purchased. So, without further ado, let’s see the most commonly used methods to restore the quality of the carpet.

A vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can help preserve the quality of the carpet and get rid of the dirt that has penetrated deep. For that purpose, it is best to vacuum clean at least twice a week. 

Also, to improve the quality of cleaning, placing a brush on your vacuum cleaner is good, allowing you to clean more deeply and thoroughly. In addition, baking soda significantly improves the vacuum cleaning process. 

You have to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave it for about ten minutes. During this time, the soda will penetrate deep into the carpet and deal with the dirt. After letting the soda work, you can start the vacuum cleaning after ten minutes.

Carpet cleaning brush

Vacuuming alone is sometimes not enough because some of the dirt remains on your carpet. Therefore, before vacuuming, it is best to use brushes specially designed for carpets

You must gently go over the area that needs to be cleaned without further damaging it. Once you have done that, move on to vacuuming to remove the rest of the dirt.


Using an ice cube can greatly assist in dealing with a matted carpet. Namely, if you only have certain parts of the carpet that are matted, you can use an ice cube that you just have to place in that place. 

Once you have done that, all you have to do is wait for the frosting to melt and then go over with a stiff brush to improve the structure of the bristles. If it is a larger matted surface, it is recommended to use a mixture of water and vinegar. 

Mix in a ratio of 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar and spray the area. Wait about ten minutes for the liquid to penetrate the area, then clean well with a hard brush.

Use a hairdryer

If the ice cube method does not help you solve the carpet problem, you can always try the hair dryer method. A hairdryer can sometimes be just as effective as an ice cube. 

Namely, if you have an ordinary hairdryer, you can use it to blow hot air on the matted area. Once done, run a comb or hard object over the area to separate the hairs.


Ironing can also help restore the quality of your carpet. However, you should be careful when using iron for this purpose, as it can further damage the quality of the carpet. 

If you use iron for a matted carpet, you should place a damp cloth on the matted area. Once you have done that, set the iron to low, and then go over the matted area.

Rake the carpet

Using different tools to rake the carpet can improve the quality and return it to its original condition. For this purpose, you can use sharp objects such as a fork, comb, rake, or brush. 

In addition, you can also use your own hands to interpolate the matted areas of the carpet. This method is more effective after applying heat or ice cubes to the matted area of the carpet. If this method fails, try again until you restore the carpet to its original condition. 

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Preventive Measures for Carpet Matting

Although matting is a phenomenon that you can hardly avoid, there are still several measures that you can take to improve the quality of your carpet. The first thing you can do is vacuum the carpet at least twice a week and call professionals to perform a professional vacuum cleaning at least once a year. 

In addition, it is a good idea to occasionally move the furniture at least an inch to prevent complete matting of certain areas of the carpet. 

Having a policy of not entering the room with your shoes on is also a good idea. This way, you will preserve the quality of your carpet and extend its life.

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Well, this is the very end of this short article. No matter which carpet you choose for your room, you should always maintain it clean and fresh. Therefore, vacuum at least twice a week. 

If you are able, use professional help at least once a year. Moreover, don’t forget the matted parts that can reduce the quality of the carpet and put you in a position to change it in a short time.

You can use some suggested tips to solve problems with a matted carpet. Besides, if you can’t handle matted parts of the carpet, you can always ask for professional help.

And at the very end, we hope that this article helped you with how to fix matted carpet and how to return it to its original state.

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