How to Arrange Pillows on a Couch and Loveseat

How to Arrange Pillows on a Couch and Loveseat

How to arrange pillows on a Couch and Loveseat

So, how to arrange pillows on a Couch and Loveseat?  This is an age old question and again it’s totally up to you, however, we do have suggestions.  Arranging pillows on a couch or loveseat can make the room more inviting. They can match the curtains and rugs and pull the colors and room together.  We do have some ideas that we like the look of however, there isn’t a right or wrong way to match up your pillows arrangement.

Matching pillows with patterns and solids creates a nice look

Maybe you like blue and so you have an off-white sofa with blue striped rug and a blue patterned pillow.  Why not add another solid color in there, either a different shade of blue or perhaps yellow or pink to change it up a bit and give that blue some more dramatic pop.  Green and blues are a great combination but the possibilities are endless. You can mix and match your prints all you’d like. We don’t expect to stick within the lines of the coloring book.  Mix and match them up but have a nice color theme through it all. There just needs to be one part of the element that is a solid part through the entire room. Usually this is color. So, you have green pillows, Rug with Green and Burgandy and Burgandy curtains?  That works fine. Where you might go wrong is if you made those curtains purple and it clashed with all the other colors of the room. This isn’t hard but it does take some practice for some.

When purchasing pillows and curtains, grab something you already own of that color combo and match up and see how it might go.  There are certain color combinations that oddly look great together and there are some that just should never be. Look around online and in magazines for great ideas and inspiration.

Arrange Pillows on Couch and Loveseat by Size

Pillow arrangement can be by size as well.  Do you have large pillows vs smaller pillows?  The larger ones should be in the back, while the smaller ones are in the front.  However, this can work from side to side and front to back. Play with the pillows.  Arrange one way and try another and see what you like. There isn’t any great magic potion that will tell you what to do.  You can’t overdo it with patterns versus solids, however, get bold with things. Pillows are an easy element to play with vs the paint on the walls or expensive furniture.  So, play along with them and see what you can come up with.

Arrange Pillows on Couch and Loveseat by Size

Design with Color

Have your arrange pillows on a couch and loveseat by color.  So, if you have 3 different style of pillows, ensure they all have a common color them throughout.  You can have a floral print with a checker print and geo print, as long as the same color is throughout the pillows they will look great together.  Our natural instincts are to go matchy matchy, however, the design of things looks so much better with a little different look to it. So, for designing with color and prints, pick two colors and find pillows with those two colors in them.  Then, have the rug one of the colors and the curtains the other. Change up the scale of the patterns to make it more interesting and appealing. Having all these lined up on a sofa will definitely make a statement.

Design around a Pattern

Designing around a pattern, so you pick a nice bold pattern with more maybe 3-4 colors in it.  This option is designing around that pattern, so you want to pull the colors from that pattern and put them in the other pillows and elements in the room.  Designing around a pattern can make that pattern really pop. This lead pattern will pull all the crazy elements in the room together and stand out. This designing around the pattern is a nice way for people that aren’t great at working with patterns.  As solids are easier for some and the patterns can get a little complicated.

White Background Pattern

A white background can be what pulls the other patterns in line.  A white background with just one other color on it that is complementary to the other pillow is a great and unusual look.  This is something that everyone can pull off but most don’t want to try. Try with 2 large prints and a smaller print or do it the other way around.  All bold prints have a nice bold look to it as well.

This is where you have to go a bit outside of the box on thinking as mixing patterns isn’t something that everyone can do well.  And, that’s okay, find some patterns online that you like and cut a piece out to put in your living room photo? That’s a great way to visualize things as well.  Finding elements online, and using a snippet tool to cut a piece out and paste it onto an image you have of the room. This will give you an idea of what it might look like.  

Go bold or go home.  This is something that many designers are pushing the envelope on decor.  We have so many options out there and opinions on how to decorate your living space.  The possibilities are endless and the design options are more than they ever have been before.  So, don’t be shy with your designing issues. Work with colors that you may not have thought of and get that bold design because you like and work around the design as stated above.  This seems to be an easy way for those that aren’t so sure about themselves and their designer skills just yet. But, soon, you will be mixing and matching the pillows, curtains and rugs like a pro.  And, who knows, you might just start your own designing blog complete with matching pillows on your couch and loveseat.

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